Day 3

Ravenden, AR to Tulsa, OK

So this large raven compelled me to pull over and take some pictures. I got out, stretched my legs, and learned some obscure Arkansas history.

Update: I found this funny story about the Raven

Then I looked around and took a few more pictures...

Ostrich boots! Too bad I didn't have $250 bucks... time to keep going.


Hmmm I think I will pick visiting Hardy for just a day.

The road took me right through downtown Hardy and toward a McDonalds. I stopped there for lunch. Man there were a lot of old people there! RVs full of them.

Semis should never attempt a U-turn!

Oh darn you caught me.

More scenery.

You'll have a flippin good time if you visit Flippin :P

Yeah then I ran through a few heavy thuderstorms. My cardboard tube was hating it, and when it rains hard, the water comes into the car via the straps!! So I was getting pretty wet and so was everything in my car!


It cleared up eventually and when I got into Oklahoma I got on a turnpike where the speed limit was really high. Eventually I made it into Tulsa and got to see...

My precious little sister, Melanie!! :D

Day 4 - Tulsa, OK to Groom, TX.

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