Day 3

Jonesboro, AR to Ravenden, AR

Got up in Jonesboro, looked at a map, and decided to take the scenic route to Tulsa. Seeing as Jonesboro is already in the middle of nowhere, this is not hard to do.

I got bored pretty quickly, so I started taking pictures while I was driving - don't try this! it is probably illegal!

This is the view from my car, while I am driving. Like the pole up top? Well that is really just the tube that the pole is in. And you can see that my windshield was already getting splattered with bugs. This is somehere in Arkansas.

Those sounded like exciting places, but I decided to pass them up and keep heading to Tulsa.

Mmmmm catfish... haha. I wasn't very hungry, so I kept going.

Lots of small towns along this road....

Yay for education.

All 684 residents of Imboden reallly wanted me to come visit... I had to pass though. Maybe if they had offered some catfish!

I hate it when I get stuck behind people who are moving and taking their whole house with them.

W00t oh yeah baby! Redneck country here I come!!!

God bless the giant pizza guy! :)

And then I saw something that inspired me to actually pull over...

Day 3 - Ravenden, AR to Tulsa, OK

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