Road Trip!

Possibly two of the greatest words in the English language.

Pole Vaulters find themselves on the road a lot, and the staff at are no exceptions. Here you can find the stories and pictures behind our journeys.

The Trips

Trip 1

Athens, GA to Seattle, WA, May 2003

Includes stops in Jonesboro, AR, Tulsa, OK, and San Luis Obispo, CA.


Trip 2

Seattle, WA to Athens, GA, August 2003

Includes stops in Sacramento, CA, Clovis, CA, Fort Worth, TX, Jonesboro, AR, and Urbana. IL.


Coming eventually... Trip 0 - Seattle to Cheney, Colfax, Pullman, Moscow ID... May 2000. How Four seniors on a quest to rescue some poles, pulled an awesome senior prank.


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