Day 8

Davis, CA to Seattle, WA

The final day of our trip... we talked about visiting some stuff in Oregon, but ultimately we just headed straight home.

These are some pretty pics in northern CA.

I think that is Mt. Shasta

Mountains don't look as good without snow!

Mt Shasta again?

The bridges in Portland are so much fun! Riiight...

Yay getting warmer...

Ooooooh these piss me off to no end. I HATE carpool lanes like that. They are invariably a joke. Just the way for a city to suck money out of the government. We religiously enforce our carpool lanes in Seattle, thank you very much.

This guy was realllly into washing his windshield.

My legs!

Below are some pretty sunset pictures

I think this one is my fave :)

This one would be my second fave.

OK the picture didn't turn out well because it was getting dark, but this is my favorite bridge on I-5. <3

Then we were finally home in Seattle! My week on the road was over :)

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