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2007 Videos

UW Invitational - Video from the UW Invitational held at the University of Washington on January 27, 2007
- Scott Roth 5.51m PR and NCAA Leader
- Brad Walker is not avoiding Steve Hooker
- Brad Walker is not intimidated by Steve Hooker
- Brad Walker discusses Roth and Lanaro
- Giovanni Lanaro Interview
- Scott Roth Interview
- More to come

National Pole Vault Summit - Video from the National Pole Vault Summit sponsored by UCS Spirit and Nike, held at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada on January 19-20, 2007.
- High School Pole Vaulting - VERY LARGE FILE - I recommend you right-click and save it to your hard drive.
- College Pole Vaulting - VERY LARGE FILE - I recommend you right-click and save it to your hard drive.
- Open Pole Vaulting - VERY LARGE FILE - I recommend you right-click and save it to your hard drive.
- More to come

UW Indoor Preview - Video from the UW Indoor Preview held at the University of Washington on January 13, 2007
- Scott Roth 5.35m PR in first ever college meet
- Brad Walker 5.70m from 6 lefts
- Carly Dockendorf 4.31m PR, top Canadian vault of the season
- UW Preview 2007 - VERY LARGE FILE - I recommend you right-click and save it to your hard drive.


2006 Videos

Jenn Stuczynski - Jenn recently jumped 4.58 (15-0.25) at the USATF Holiday Classic at Rochester.
- 4.58 clearance

Santa Claus Pole Vaults! - Santa Claus paid a visit to the Holiday Heights Vaultfest in Chicago, Illinois, and could not resist taking a few jumps. Video courtesy of Aaron Decker.

Pat Manson - Pat jumped 18'+ for the 21st year in a row, breaking his own record for most consecutive years over 18'+. Video courtesy of Pat and Amy Manson, with editing by Becca Gillespy.
- 5.51 clearance

Lacy Janson - Lacy has been having a strong senior year at Florida State, which has been highlighted by a 4.58m (15-0.25) victory at the ACC Championships to set a new collegiate record. Video courtesy of Brian Mondschein.
- 4.58 clearance

Jenn Stuczynski - Video of Jenn's 4.65 meter clearance at Eastern Michigan on 2/11/06. Video courtesy of Vern Williams and Matti Kilpelainen.
- 4.65 clearance

Brian Mondschein - The 2005 NCAA runner-up outdoors, Brian has had a strong indoor season this year. He recently cleared a new school record of 5.52 (18-1.25) at Penn State. Video courtesy of Brian Mondschein.
- 5.52 clearance

Robbie Pratt - The defending outdoor NCAA champion from BYU, Robbie Pratt set a new Mexican indoor national record at the Pole Vault Summit with a jump of 5.70 (18-8.25). Video by Becca Gillespy.
- 5.70 clearance

Katie Veith - A high school junior from Indiana, Katie Veith PR'd twice at the National Pole Vault Summit in Reno, Nevada to break the high school girls junior class record. Video by Becca Gillespy.
- 14-0 clearance

Donald Thomas - Not pole vaulting, but this is going to stay up top for awhile. Donald is my teammate at Lindenwood. He decided to try track a few days ago. He cleared 2.22m (7-3.25) at the EIU Mega Meet, his first real track meet. Video courtesy of Nate Davis.
- 7-3.25 clearance

John Russell - Three time NCAA All-American John Russell of Akron opened the 2006 season with a bang, jumping 18-1 (5.51m) at the Akron Quad on 1/13/06. This jump gave him the top mark in the US for a few days. Video courtesy of Dennis Mitchell.
- 18-1 clearance

Spencer McCorkel - In 2005 as a high school sophomore, Spencer had the third best jump in the country with a jump of 17-0. Now a junior, Spencer has kicked off the season with a national high school junior class indoor record of 17-3.50 at the Arkansas Invitational. Video courtesy of Morry Sanders and the McCorkel family.
- 16-6 clearance
- 17-0 clearance
- 17-3.50 clearance

Jenn Stuczynski - Jenn has had a fabulous indoor season in 2005-2006, improving with every meet. These videos are from the Eastern Michigan Open on 1/14/06. Her clearance at 15-4.25 (4.68m) makes her the second best vaulter in US history, behind only Stacy Dragila. Video courtesy of Vern Williams and Susan Jadan.
- 15-9.50 attempt
- 15-4.25 clearance
- 14-9 clearance
- 14-0 clearance

2005 Videos

Chip Heuser 17-0 - Chip Heuser's winning jump at the 2005 Indy Street Vault held in Indianapolis, IN. Video by Becca Gillespy.

Clovis Videos - Videos from the 2005 NAPVA Championships held in Clovis, CA. All videos by Becca Gillespy
- McKane Lee 17-0
- Ben Allen 17-0
- Mark Unzueta 17-0
- Scott Roth pole break!
- Justin Norberg 17-6
- John Takahashi 17-6
- Russell Weaver 17-6
- Justin Norberg 18-0
- Becky Holliday 13-6
- Mary Sauer 13-6
- Ebbie Metzinger 13-6
- Becky Holliday 14-0
- Mary Sauer 14-0
- Ebbie Metzinger 14-0

Lindsay Regan 13-9.25 Attempt - A close attempt at a national high school record of 13-9.25 by Lindsay Regan holding about 12-6 on a 13-1 158.1 ESSX pole. Video courtesy of Chelo Canino.

Gao Shuying 4.41 - Chinese record holder Gao Shuying clears 4.41 meters for a meet record at the Harry Jerome Track Classic in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Video by Becca Gillespy.

Steven Hooker 6.01 Attempt - Steven Hooker's attempt at 6.01 meters. Video courtesy of Jeff Watry.

Steven Hooker 5.87 - Aussie Steven Hooker clears a PR of 5.87 down under. Video courtesy of Jeff Watry.

Paul Burgess 5.95 - Paul Burgess clears 5.95 in Australia. Video courtesy of Alex Parnov, converted by John Altendorf.

Shayla Balentine 14-0 - A new PR for the former high school record holder, competing for San Diego State University. Video courtesy of Mike LoBue.

Tommy Skipper 5.82 Attempt - This is Tommy Skipper of Oregon's 3rd attempt at 5.82 at the 2005 Husky Classic. Video by Becca Gillespy.

Tommy Skipper 5.66 - This is Tommy Skipper's 1st attempt clearance of 5.66 at the 2005 Husky Classic. Video by Becca Gillespy.


2004 Videos

Tim Mack 6.01 Meters - Footage of Tim Mack's 6.01 meter jump at the World Athletics Finals. Sorry for the poor quality. Video courtesy of Tim Mack.

Matt Phillips Sticky Leg - This is what happens if you get your grip area too sticky. It's hard to see, but his leg actually gets stuck to the pole and he has to abort the jump. Video by Becca Gillespy.


Other Pole Vault Videos

Tim McMichael 18-5 - Video of Tim McMichael jumping 18-5 in 1993. Video courtesy of Tim McMichael.


Non-Pole Vaulting Videos

Donald Thomas Dunk Video - Donald Thomas of Lindenwood University won a dunk contest with these crazy moves.

Flipping Fun - Not pole vaulting, but lots of fun! Video by Mark Hallett.

Underwater Vaulting - University of Georgia vaulters demonstrate underwater vaulting. Video courtesy of Adam Sarafian.

Pole Trailer - How do you transport your poles when on bike? Tye Harvey has the answer! Video courtesy of Richie Mercado.

Ken Hall 17.13 Meters - Video I shot of high schooler Ken Hall triple jumping a wind aided 17.13m at the USATF Junior Olympic National Championships. Not pole vaulting, but extremely impressive nonetheless. Video by Becca Gillespy.

User Submitted Video

How to submit your video

Becca Gillespy (rainbowgirl28) - Becca is in her 2nd year of competing for Lindenwood University, an NAIA school just outside St. Louis.

3.30 Jump - "This is me clearing 3.30 (10'10") to win the Illinois Weslyan Open, 2005 indoor season." 12'4 136.4 ESSX

Pole pushing... this is me at Mississippi State 2 weeks after I started pushing the pole. I was running from 5 lefts plus a skip.
10-6 Jump
- 12'6" 140 (19.0) PacerFX
11-0 Jump - 12'6" 150 (18.6) PacerFX
11-6 Jump - same pole - lifetime PR!!

This is me at a home meet at Lindenwood University. I had a good jump over 11-0, too bad I got mental at 11-7
11-0 Jump - 12'6" 150 (18.6) PacerFX


Kyle Ellis (KYLE ELLIS) - Kyle is currently between colleges and jumping unattached.

16-03 Jump - Turn your head sideways to view these.
16-09 Jump - PR!


Dan Bejamin (Benjamin1205) - Dan Benjamin is a high school vaulter in Michigan.

13-0 Jump - "Its my pr. I did this vault at a svsu high school meet. Its me ( Dan Benjamin) clearing 13 feet."


John Altendorf (Master) - John Altendorf is a masters vaulter in Corvallis, Oregon.

3.80 Jump - "The 3.80 jump is my indoor PR and that jump tied for first at the meet in M55-59 (but I took second because of more misses.)"
3.95 Jump - "The second is my best attempt at 3.95 at the same meet. I turned 59 on the day of these videos."


John Ryland (jryland) - John Ryland is a pole vaulter for Lindenwood University, in St. Charles, Missouri.

16-7 Jump - "dont you love the feeling of being the man of the hour when you pr?
maybe nobody else feels like im the man of the hour but man it sure feels good over here where im sittin"


Jeff Coover (jcoover121) - Jeff Coover is a high school pole vaulter in La Jolla, California.

15-9 Jump - "The first clip i am sending is my vault which won the Mt. SAC invitational at 15-09. This jump was pretty clutch since it was at almost 11 PM, and I needed it to win"
16-0 Jump - "The second clip is a P.R. of 16-00 at the Mt. Carmel invitational in san diego. This was a clutch jump as well. It was the same meet that Derek Scott of El Camino jumped 16-08. I got on a big pole (15-06 16.9) which is the same pole as the Mt. SAC clip, but this was the first jump on that pole"


Ross Dominique, JR (LHSpolevault) - Ross Dominique is a high school pole vaulter in Luidlow, Massachusettes.

12-0 Jump - "12ft 0in School Record 2005 MSTCA Invitational. 12ft isn't much but hey im proud"

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