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Information About Pole Vault Power

About the Website

PoleVaultPower.com is run by Becca Gillespy Peter. This is who to contact with any questions, comments, or feedback about the website.

Website design assistance by Sean Brown of NeoVault.com. Go buy the DVDs, they are awesome!

Our mailing address is:
Pole Vault Power
PO Box 54
Chinook, WA 98614

Becca Vaulting to a State Title in 2000

History of Pole Vault Power

It all started over 10 years ago when Becca was in high school. Becca vaulted for King's High School, a small school just north of Seattle. The coaches at King's used to maintain rankings of all the 1A athletes in the state, but had few marks for the girl pole vaulters in the state because it was a new event. After spending the season scouring every newspaper from every tiny town in WA, Becca decided that there should be a website dedicated just to the pole vaulters in WA. With the help of teammate Paul Mach, the Washington Pole Vault Site was born in 2001.

After 2 years of doing the WA rankings, Becca set her sights on the future. Becca dreamed of a site where pole vaulters all over the US could find out what pole vaulting opportunities were in their area. While planning the best way to do this, her friend Nick Twaddel talked her into setting up the message board she had talked about having on the site. The whole website ended up taking a year and a half to complete, but the message board was a huge success from the beginning, adding new members daily.

Over the years we have continued to grow at a steady pace, providing an outlet for vaulters and coaches to connect and discuss everything related to the sport. Moving forward, the goal is to improve the level and safety of vaulting in the US by increasing communication and opportunities to vault!

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